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What our clients say

Some testimonials from our customers:

"I highly valued your performance in the ability to increase training and improvements directly on the factory floor, which caused the factory's HR structure to be open to new organizational concepts. (...)

We continue to rely on Interface Management for the next challenges and do not hesitate to recommend it, either for its pragmatism in finding solutions, as well as for the ability to go to the shop floor, interact, listen actively, adapt the best practices to our Accelerate processes of change and growth". - light metalworking company.


 "Thanks to the analysis by the IM, it was possible, in due time, detect the source of problems that were making the company fall to the abyss (...) we are almost recovered from the chaos in which we were in the year 2012." - construction company


"The intervention of the IM project allows us to be very optimistic and confident about the future."  - IT company

"Now I have timely information. And the best is that the operations now have information that makes them more proactive."  -
production and installation


"They were unexcelled in motivating and mobilizing people of our company."
"The methods used were accurate and very professional, yet simple, easy to use and implement" - 
wholesale company


We seek to differentiate ourselves by:

  • Going more to the field and make less 'beautiful' reports;
  • Listen and act on each hierarchical level;
  • Working together with the customer
  • Help implement the changes in a compromised way.