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the services

Analysis of companies:

  • To find the major opportunities for improvement? How much they worth?

Industrial Consulting:

  • Improvements in productive areas and control of processes, Kaizen, JIT, Scheduling, SMED, FMEA

  • Identification and implementation of operational and logistical opportunities


Logistics consultants:

  • Optimization of distribution routes

  • Storage and stock optimization

  • Picking operations and procedures


Cost management:

  • Management of operational costs

  • Reduction of the average term of trade receivables without prejudice

  • Reduced costs associated with the implementation and monitoring of payments


Operation Simulation

  • Virtual recreation of operations to test improvement solutions (production, call centers, service attendance, hospitals)


Information management:

  • Systems management control

  • Management system works


Quality Certification:

  • Change procedures for quality assurance

  • Quality Management Systems